About Us

Getting A Medical is a national medical service provider that specialises in driver medicals. Our aim is to offer low cost medicals across all ranges of commercial and non-commercial drivers such as Heavy/Large Goods Vehicles (HGV, LGV), Passenger Carrying Vehicles (PCV), Taxi, Ambulance and the Motor Sport Association (MSA). We have a large spread of locations based around England and Wales and are increasing our presence by opening new locations every month. In addition to running our own clinics, we work closely with training and motorsport companies whereby we offer an onsite service to provide convenience and increase efficiency.

We have a base of doctors around the UK with some having over 10 years experience in performing driver medicals and have carried out thousands of HGV, LGV, PCV, minibus, trailer, taxi and MSA medicals between them.

All our locations have facilities for a HGV, LGV, PCV, minibus or trailer driver to attend for their Group 2 medical. Some of our  locations have facilities for a taxi driver to attend for their medical.  All of our locations also now have facilities for a driver applying for their MSA licence to attend for their medical as well.