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Are you a company that relies on your staff to drive or operate heavy machinery, we can help you to streamline and manage their medical requirements. The law requires drivers to be in good health and if you manage a team of professionals, it makes business sense for you to ensure that they have the necessary qualifications and medical approvals to carry out their work safely. We also understand that you are busy managing and growing your business – being able to outsource to a recognised and responsible provider for your medical requirements will make your life easier. Getting A Medical offers a number of services which support our business and corporate clients. We can arrange a bespoke agreement for the needs of your business which will help you to manage and streamline the medical requirements of your staff in the following ways.


If you are taking on new staff, including the medical as part of your recruitment process will allow you to have maximum efficiency on your processes. This will also provide you with the reassurance that your employees health has been given a thorough check before you take them on.


Although it is a driver’s individual responsibility to ensure that they meet all the requirements to drive – as a responsible business it helps to have the reassurance that your drivers are up-to-date and meeting the governing body’s requirements. Getting A Medical will manage all your drivers’ medical requirements and can work with you in various ways to ensure medicals are renewed in time. This means that you can continue with your training and induction activities, safe in the knowledge that your medical requirements are being taken care of.

Why choose us

  • Getting A Medical will assist you to manage employee health requirements sensitively, appropriately and legally

  • Bespoke contracts available to provide you with professional medical support at discounted group rates

  • Our nationwide network of clinics for means that wherever your business is based we have a centre nearby

  • We can easily manage group bookings for you on your premises or at one of our locations

  • You can monitor the health and wellbeing of your employees – and we will report back our findings if you have the appropriate agreements in place with your applicant or member of staff

We will support your business to manage its medical requirements, professionally and efficiently.

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