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Getting A Medical provides a friendly, dedicated and professional service which offers a variety of services within the driver medical industry. We pride ourselves on giving customers the flexibility in choosing appointments. At our Sleaford clinic we provide HGV, LGV, PCV, Minibus, Taxi, & Motorsport Medicals.

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The key aspect for all medicals involve seeing a doctor who will screen your health against the requirements of a governing body. For example, bus/truck drivers this would be the DVLA, taxi drivers would have their local licencing authority, other may have employers etc. Medicals generally consist of questions surrounding your medical history, blood pressure and vision checks. Further options could include drug and alcohol tests and musculoskeletal examinations to name a few. Please see the specific pages under services for more information.

Majority of the driver medicals undertaken can be completed in around fifteen minutes. However, this can depend on the your history and medicals conditions in which case, they can take longer. Other medicals can range from fifteen minutes to an hour.

Each medical differs so it is important to read your email confirmation thoroughly once you have made the booking so you have some time to prepare. An example of what could be possible are:

  • Identification – such as a passport or driving licence
  • Medical Form / Letter – such as your D4 medical or taxi medical form
  • Medical History – brush up on your medical history i.e. any conditions, medication and details of your General Practitioner (GP)
  • Glasses/contact lenses – if you wear this you must bring them along with you as well as your most recent prescription
  • For Drug & Alcohol testing it would be wise to prepare according as some involve urine samples

Depending on the circumstances, either your medical form will handed to you / your employer, or submitted to the relevant bodies by us. We will advise you accordingly.